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I had a great time writing Stairs to Nowhere for this time travel anthology.

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The Ladies Three


book 1


The Binding Prophecy

Releasing Halloween 2019!! 

The Ladies Three

She should have avoided the seance. She had somehow known it, could feel it, had even said no. She was sure she had said no. But, when her friends had joined the circle she had followed, God help her, she had followed,  and it was her presence in that circle that changed it from a simple party game to a life changing adventure that would forever alter the lives of those she loved the most. 

Liv, Niki and Hannah had been best friends forever, closer than sisters, and in love with the same boy since they were nine. What they didnt' know was that they were bound by more then freindship, sisterhood or even love.

They were bound by prophecy. 

L.A. Beckett

Fractured Fairy tales, Ghost Stories & Contemporary Fantasy 

QuantumWanderlust  Anthology

"Stairs To Nowhere"

(A Fractured Fairy Tale)

When a pale young girl named Gael arrives in Hawk Falls, Mystery Moon tries to help her. Unfortunately, she quickly learns that Gael is more than just a girl, and people are looking for her. She and Gael are flung to an alternate time in a desperate move to keep them safe.  

If Mystery wants to return home, she must rely on three strange dwarves, Gael's mysterious prophecies, and a magical necklace to avoid the evil that seems to be right behind her no matter what she does.