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The Ladies Three


book 1


The Binding Prophecy

​Leigh Ann Beckett

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​​​ In 1968, a young and ambitions film maker created an iconic cinematic masterpiece and changed the industry forever. 50 years later, a group of writers converged in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to celebrate the 50th anniversary of George Romero's classic, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The goal was to publish an anthology of zombie short stories in honor of the legend. 

I was privileged to be part of this amazing group of writers. We hope that our love for the genre shows in this anthology. 

All of the proceeds go to benefit the

George A Romero Foundation!!

The Ladies Three

Liv, Niki and Hannah have been best friends forever, closer than sisters, And all in love with Cole Davenport since they were nine.

can their sisterhood survive an ancient prophecy that names them as demon hunters and forces cole to choose between them ?

And will they be back before prom??